Business car insurance

The mere fact that you have a car is sufficient reason to have insurance cover for it. It’s a machine that can cause damage to property and worse still – injury and even death to people. With all the traffic on our roads today, the odds of your having an accident are even higher than say 10 years ago.  No arguments about it the only question you need to ask is how do I get insurance that I can afford.

In an accident you need to be covered for damage to the other driver’s car and/or medical bills incurred due to injury inflicted. There may be legal costs involved as well.  Although we install immobilizers and alarm systems, we can never guarantee that a car is never going to be stolen or damaged in an attempted theft.

When it comes to business car insurance – this is such a huge field with so many options that some insurance companies will offer to design your insurance around your business and its risk factors. Therefore, if you are a low risk client, your car could get covered for much less than what you are currently paying. That sounds like a plus in any language.

A useful addition to your business car insurance is the inclusion of access to emergency roadside assistance – 24/7 and, if you remain claim free for three years, you should get a no claim bonus. Good advice is to choose to insure your company cars and commercial vehicles at retail value rather than market value. If you are with a reputable insurer, you should get paid for storage costs or towing to the nearest repairer in the event of an accident as well as costs incurred for the removal of the wreckage and replacing locks, keys, remote controls or the reprogramming of vehicle security systems

If you do a lot of business trips – you can also apply for cover when going to countries outside South Africa (Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe). You can even get additional cover for business trips to other African countries to include Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia as well as the DRC (all areas South of Lubumbashi).

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Why should you take out Professional Indemnity Insurance?
Unfortunately we all make mistakes and for professionals these mistakes can result in large losses for their clients. Without this insurance – how would a company afford to reimburse the client for these losses?  Even if – as a professional – you did not make a mistake, the costs of proving yourself innocent in a court could cripple the company in the same way.

Typical claims incurred on Professional Indemnity Insurance Policies
•    A lawyer did not file for a section of a claim or the insurer forgot to add a car to the policy schedule
•    An engineer or architect leaves something out of a drawing
•    An administrator enters incorrect numbers or an auditor overlooks miscalculations
•    A doctor misdiagnoses a medical problem and this effects the patient

The long and the short of it, its better to be safe than sorry and therefore covering your practice or business under an indemnity insurance will be one of the wisest moves you can make.

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