Car Insurance is our game

At the moment our product offering is a vehicle insurance quotes comparison offering. We offer a wide range of vehicle insurance quotes through various partners throughout South Africa.

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Finding the right place in South Africa for good Car Insurance Quotes is no longer a challenge with the launch of this site.  We have provided our customers with the resources and quotes necessary to achieve maximum savings.  We also offer Car Insurance Tips so that you can save even more money aside from just Insurance Comparison.

Car Insurance Quotes are important in regards to the process of Comparing Car Insurance during your search.  When you get a Car Insurance Quote from our website you will be provided with 9 quotes that you can compare.  You will want to compare both the pros and cons of different policies and cover as well as the monthly premium payments involved.  Many different insurers have different structures and it is important to make them compete for your business.

Although Vehicle Insurance is our specialty we still maintain the need for Car Insurance in South Africa and the benefits that it provides to drivers.  Whether you are in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth or elsewhere we will help you find the proper cover for your specific needs.  Especially after the world cup, and with new legislation that may make Auto Insurance mandatory, it is important to look now and be proactive.

We insure sedans, trucks, suvs, cars, vehicles, motorcycles and pretty much anything else that you can drive.  All you have to do to obtain a Vehicle Insurance Quote is to fill out some basic information which will immediately be processed and offers then sent to you.

If during your process you need additional help and information feel free to contact our specialists.  They are experienced in the industry and are here to meet and answer all of your questions.  Instead of having to visit someone in person please utilize our people as it will save you time and money on Cheap Car Insurance and cover.  Consider us your own personal Insurance Broker, working for you from your home.  We strive to make this process as seemless and easy as possible and have a very high satisfaction rate from doing just that.