Car insurances

Taking out the most basic of car insurances can protect you from potential financial peril. There are three forms of car insurances that cater for different cars and budgets.

The first of these is third party car insurances. This is the most basic and states that if you cause an accident, then the insurance company will only cover the costs of the damages to the other vehicle, but not yours.

Third party, fire and theft car insurances are the second one. This extends beyond just the third party car insurances to include cover to your car if damage is caused by either fire or loss. However, accidental damage is not covered.

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The last of the car insurances is comprehensive car insurances for your vehicle insurance cover. This covers third party, fire and theft, but also includes accidental damage. This means that even if you cause an accident your vehicle will also be covered. As expected this is the most expensive of the car insurances and is sometimes not worth it you drive an older and cheaper vehicle because of the premiums. If your vehicle is financed then this type of car insurance is mandatory, this is to protect the financiers.

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