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BMW i8 Launching in June

The plug-in hybrid supercar in Monaco goes into production in April, the first deliveries scheduled in June…

At the Leipzig plant BMW is working on the future of the car.

Just this week the House of Monaco is finalizing the preparation phase for the start of production (April) of one of the most advanced projects of these years in the automotive industry: the  BMW i8 .

The Bavarian hybrid sports will be delivered to the first customers in June (in advance since the autumn 2013) and will come in as a second list range  “i” together with the small electric  i3. Continue reading →

A piece of ALFA in MotoGP

The Alfa Romeo logo will appear on the overalls and helmet of Jorge Lorenzo, the Spanish champion chosen as the new face of the Italian house. A few more days of waiting and the green light will also turn on the world championship MotoGP 2014 a fierce Valentino Rossi, who will try to annoy the […] Continue reading →

5 Things that destroy valid insurance claims

To limit their risk of claims, insurance companies impose certain obligations on the owner of a vehicle. Failing to meet these obligations can see your claims being repudiated. Unbeknown to many an insured, the following actions on the part of the driver can wreck their insurance claims. Don’t assume the damage is minor Often a […] Continue reading →

10 Most expensive cars to insure this year

Driving badly and parking in a dangerous neighbourhood may see you pay more in vehicle insurance, but there’s nothing quite like driving an expensive car to push them up even further. The car you drive is a major factor in determining your car insurance premium and subsequent premium increases. Why? The cost to replace the […] Continue reading →

Types Insurance for a Vehicle

The type of insurance you get for your vehicle depends on the type of vehicle you own. While all types of insurance for a vehicle fall under three general categories, namely third party, third party, fire and theft and comprehensive, there’s more to it than that. Everyday sedan and hatchback vehicles, for example, can be […] Continue reading →

What is vehicle insurance?

Vehicle insurance is indemnification for damage to or loss of your vehicle. You pay an insurance company a monthly or annual premium to cover the damages to your vehicle if it is involved in an accident, or to replace the vehicle with one of the same value if it is stolen or written off. The […] Continue reading →


When buying vehicle insurance one must consider a number of options and things wanted to ensure that the best and most affordable selection is made, after all the safety of yourself and loved ones is always the most important thing. At the end of the day this choice is narrowed buy the flashing Rand signs […] Continue reading →