Minor Damage and Insurance

Minor Damage and Insurance

It is important to try and maintain your car in such a condition that its resale value stays high. This can be quite hard to do as cars are prone to minor damage and small dents that come with it from use.

When a car has done so many kilometres or has reached a certain age, the cars motor plan will cover the general servicing of the vehicle. When this motor plan runs out, there are insurance policies that you can buy that will extend the motor warranty. The conditions of these type of policies are that the car is less then 10 years old and has less then 200 000 km on the clock.

It is also possible to take out an insurance that will cover minor repairs. The monthly premium that you will pay will ensure that you won’t have to pay excess on claims for repairs done under this plan.

This plan is a good idea, as there is a thriving used car market and it is therefore ideal to preserve one of your biggest assets. By doing this you are insuring that you will receive the highest resale value.

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