Prevention is better than cure

Insurance is a term used in law and economics for a sort of compensation that one party provides to the other in case of a possible risk or uncertain loss, in the form of payment. There are many types of insurances like home insurance, health insurance, property insurance and life insurance. The one which is of […] Continue reading →

Enjoy your drive

I always used to think that getting a car insurance quote or the insurance policy is a lengthy and a useless process. As there are a lot of companies within the insurance industry, I assumed getting an insurance policy is a highly complicated and a tough job. It was all because at that point of […] Continue reading →


When buying vehicle insurance one must consider a number of options and things wanted to ensure that the best and most affordable selection is made, after all the safety of yourself and loved ones is always the most important thing. At the end of the day this choice is narrowed buy the flashing Rand signs […] Continue reading →

Car Insurance Online

Car Insurance Online Now with new technology you can save a lot of time by gathering insurance quotes online. These quotes won’t cost you anything to collect and they are delivered with speed. Insurance quotes online can also give you better deals then those you get by visiting various insurance companies. There are also sites […] Continue reading →

No One To Blame

No One To Blame Accidents do happen when it is not clear who is to blame for it and proving who is at fault can take up a lot of time and money on legal fees. No fault insurance is an attempt to take the fault out of liability. The idea behind no fault insurance […] Continue reading →

Minor Damage and Insurance

Minor Damage and Insurance It is important to try and maintain your car in such a condition that its resale value stays high. This can be quite hard to do as cars are prone to minor damage and small dents that come with it from use. When a car has done so many kilometres or […] Continue reading →

About Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is mandatory when financing a car. Nowadays getting auto insurance is not a big deal at all. There are many insurance companies that offer auto insurance custom made to suit your individual insurance needs. One of the basic things to take into consideration before getting any auto insurance policy is the type of […] Continue reading →